Rosa Hybrid Tea Rose, “Pink Promise.”
Also the official rose for the American Breast Cancer Foundation!

feel a little unclean cos i gossiped a lot last night… those kinda of words don’t feel good coming out of me. shame on me.


i wish i was my dog. it is an outrageously beautiful day and she gets to spend it all in the sunshine

soakin up some sun to energise myself for some good ol fashion protesting 🌞 zodiacchic:

ZodiacChic Post:Leo


Glow x

I feel
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i can be very prone to solitude, but i also rly love sharing the things i love and learn with other people. whenever i learn something new and interesting i want to tell my friends, and i really want to cook for other people (but no one seems to want me to :’( ) and if i’m reading a book i’ll tell people about it enthusiastically and tell them why i think they’d like it etc

i will make decisions in social situations when everyone is like “i don’t mind” or “you choose”. (though i don’t really think about them too deeply, i just choose one)

i have a deep love and compassion for animals and anyone being marginalised, but also for humanity in general. when i see someone struggling in every day life i find it impossible to ignore them and try to help if i can. i’m generous almost to a fault cos of that.

i’m not a petty or judgemental person. although i care deeply about a lot of things and feel things sensitively, generally i don’t really care what other people are doing if it’s not actually hurting me or anyone else. i dislike gossip and when i find myself getting involved in it i try to make it balanced and suggest reasons why someone might be doing that thing that annoys someone else so much and ask why it’s such a big deal that they do it anyway.




Rings of Saturn by NASA’s Voyager 2 Spacecraft


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   Ise Ananphada, 'Fantasize' 

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got a couch